I saw a clubhouse audience’s Instagram today, and it was private 🔒. It’s reminding me of why I’m deleting Instagram. In the first place, why I’m deleting my Instagram? Many of my friends were using it, and they enjoy it (I think so). I follow a lot of my friends from high school until university. Am I going to miss all the friend’s updates? The first reason why I’m deleting was ** time-consuming**. I spent a lot of time everyday scrolling the feeds and watching the Instagram story. Open the

Because of the global appeal and popularity of the franchise, trade-in Pokémon cards are alive and well in just about every corner of the world, including in-person conferences and auctions houses.

There’s a global market for Pokémon cards

There’s an increasing demand for unopened limited edition box sets

Build an audience One thing that I regret is not building an audience. In today’s world, attention is the new currency. No wonder someone who becomes a social influence can make a lot of money since they have a lot of attention. Attention is a new currency. Selling is a powerful skill Whenever you work full time or business, selling is an important skill. Full-time employment means you’re selling yourself to the client (employer) on a monthly basis. Freelancer is quite similar to full-time

Build an audience

Selling is a powerful skill

Everyone has their set own tools to run their business. I’m going to list all the things I need to run my freelance business.


> Over-engineering is the act of designing a product to be more robust or have more features than often necessary for its intended use or a process to be unnecessarily complicated or inefficient. — Wikipedia

Goal Management

Create an input

<div class="p-4">
<div class="flex items-center mr-4 mb-2">
<input type="checkbox" id="A3-yes" name="A3-confirmation" value="yes" />
<label for="A3-yes" class="select-none">Yes</label>

Hide our input tag


How to build a reusable Vue modal but with some advanced features


  • Component-based
  • Render in the root DOM
  • Using slot to render the content
  • An option to add a scrollable content
  • Press escape key to exit the modal
  • Animation transition

Build an Input component




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